3 Idioms with the word ‘ROAD’

Here are some common English idioms that use the word road.

Let’s get this show on the road = let’s get started
“Okay, the equipment is set up and the audience has arrived. Shall we start the concert?”
“Yeah! Let’s get this show on the road!”

Hit the road = leave the place you’re at 
“It’s getting late, I’d better hit the road.” OR
Sometimes hit the road can mean “get out of here” (this is a strong command)
“We don’t need you here anymore. Hit the road!” = get out of here

Many songs use incorrect grammar, so be careful!

Somewhere down the road = in the future
“My apartment is great now, but somewhere down the road I may want to leave the big city and live in the country.”
 From the news-
Melting proof
-Two reports released this week revealed that parts of the giant western Antarctic ice sheet are melting and that such melting is likely irreversible and ultimately will lead to a dramatic increase in sea levels.

It might happen in as little as 200 years, or it could take much longer, but somewhere down the road the earth is going to look much different than it does today. Research conducted in 2012 indicated that cities such as Miami, New Orleans, New York and Boston would be vulnerable to a sea level increase of four feet. NASA’s report puts the future potential sea level increase as high as 10 feet.
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