English idioms – take the heat / take heat

Today’s idiom “Take The Heat” has a literal meaning (basic or usual meaning)
:to endure hot temperatures

This is a perfect expression for summer!

“It’s 40 °C today! I can’t take this heat anymore!”

As an idiom the expression “Take The Heat” can also mean – to receive or put up with some criticism (for something that was done poorly)

“The local government has been taking some heat over the recent tax increase. People can’t see any benefit to public services even though the city has been earning more revenue from higher taxes.”

“My boss isn’t happy with our project, but I am the senior member of the team so I took most of the heat.”

It can also mean take pressure or attention, this is used with “OFF” when we show that someone or something has taken pressure away from someone else.

“My Dad was mad about my test score, but he was even angrier at my brother because he scratched the car last night. This took some heat off me!”

Stay cool!

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