English idioms – Fly by

The World Cup is over already. It seems like it just started! The World Cup flew by!
Fly by is an idiom that means time went quickly. We often use the expression time flies in English to mean that time goes fast, especially if we are doing something that we enjoy. In fact another common expression in English is ~ “Time flies when you’re having fun.” If you’re doing something you enjoy we often feel it the time comes soon when we have to stop.
“We were playing soccer in the park this afternoon. Time flew by so quickly that it was dark before we knew it!
If I’m reading a good book time flies for me. When does time fly for you?
I was talking with an old friend over a coffee and soon it was 9 o’clock! Time flew!

*This week we’ll learn some idioms using words that we may have heard during the World Cup tournament. A new idiom every day this week! Check back tomorrow 🙂

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