English vocabulary for the ‘World Cup’ Let’s CHEER for our favorite teams!

The word cheer can be used as a noun:



a shout of joy, support or praiseA great cheer went up from the crowd.

Or as a verb:



to shout loudly, to show support or praise for somebody, or to give them encouragementWe all cheered as the team came on to the field.


Sometimes we don’t want to cheer, we want to do the opposite. Do you know the opposite of cheer? It’s boo!
Boo also has 2 forms:


 exclamation, noun

a sound that people make to show that they do not like an actor, speaker, etc‘Boo!’ they shouted, ‘Get off!’We also shout ‘Boo!’ when we want to scare someone.

Or as a verb:



to show that you do not like a person, performance, idea, etc. by shouting booThe audience booed as she started her speech.

All helpful definitions on my blog are from The Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary:

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