Increase your English vocabulary by learning (MORE!) suffixes

On April 11th we learned what a suffix is
A suffix is an addition to the end of a word, that gives the word a new meaning.” 

In English there are many MANY suffixes used with some very common words. The most common are probably the suffixes we use for comparisons ‘bigger‘ and superlatives ‘biggest.’

Today let’s look at the suffix able.
The suffix able means able to be; possible. Look at the following examples:

“Most automobile accidents are preventable.” = Most car accidents are able to be (can be) prevented.

“Greg was in a bad car accident 2 days ago. Luckily Greg is okay but his car was badly damaged. It isn’t drivable anymore.” = The car is so damaged that it doesn’t work, it can’t be driven. It is not possible to drive it anymore.

“I tried to make lemonade when I was 4, but it was too sour! It looked good but it wasn’t even drinkable!” = The lemoade was so sour you weren’t able to drink it.

Do you know some English words that end in able
Write a sentence in the comment section using your word!

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