English prepositions TO and INTO + verbs of movement

Let’s do some more preposition practice today. 
This time TO and INTO.

We go/come or travel to a place or an event.

“I have to travel to Europe a lot for my job.”

“Will you come to my party this Saturday?”

*Don’t forget we use to with trip –
“How was your trip to Ireland?”

AND we can use several verbs of movement to go to the hospital.
“After the accident he was taken to the hospital.”
“After the accident he was rushed to the hospital.”


When we say go into or get into this means enter or go inside.

“Hank went into the meeting room and started talking Lennox.”

“A mouse got into my house through a hole in my basement.”

Often in by itself is okay too.

“I waited 45 minutes for a taxi last night so I didn’t get in until late.”

“Will this bus take me to City Hall?”

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