What City Should I Live In? – What English can we learn from this popular game?

There is a popular online quiz from Buzz Feed that is everywhere on Social Media. Have you seen it?
Click the picture for the game-
There is a lot of popular culture references here and some expressions that are meant to be fun, but as a non native speaker they may be hard to understand.
Let’s look at the questions from the quiz and what they mean. Today’s question from the quiz is “How Do You Take Your Coffee? –
3 of the answers may be a little difficult for non native speakers. The answers are all meant to be funny, they are not serious at all. This game is just for fun, that’s why it has become so popular. Let’s look at them now-
By The Pot – This is a clever way to say you drink a lot of coffee! Coffee is made in a pot, and a pot of coffee usually holds many cups of coffee. If I say “I drank 4 cups of coffee today.” that is a lot, but not so bad. BUT if I say “I drank 4 pots of coffee today.” that is too much coffee!

Pour Over – This phrasal verb means to study something very carefully. “I poured over the report before I gave it to my boss. I wanted to make sure there were no mistakes.” We pour drinks out of a bigger container (like a pot!) into a cup or glass so that’s why they included it with the coffee question. The literal meaning is to pour something on top of something else. We pour chocolate sauce over ice cream for example.

Black, like my Soul – Some people drink their coffee with no cream, we say they like their coffee black. If someone has a black soul it means they are a terrible person!
Tomorrow is part 2 from this quiz

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