Fun and interesting English word origins! Hamburgers and Hot dogs

Hamburgers and Hot dogs.

A hamburger is not made with ‘ham!’

The word hamburger comes from the name of a German city, Hamburg. Historians believe that around the same time sausage makers were experimenting with their meat dihes, cooks in Hamburg served up a cooked version of steak tartare (pronounced TAR-TAR). This is kind of raw ground beef or horse meat.

There are no ‘dogs’ in a hot dog!

The name hot dog also comes from Germany. German immigrants in the United States began selling kinds of sausages, some of themh were thin and long, like dachshunds (this is a kind of dog with short legs and a long body). Sellers with an odd sense of humor started calling these dachshund sausages. Over time, the name shortened into hot dogand the name stuck!

“A dachshund. Hey he looks like a hot dog!”

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