Useful English practice! Adjectives and Adverbs II

Adjectives and Adverbs II
We use the adjective good with nouns.
“The movie we watched on Saturday was good.” Movie is a noun.
The adverb form is well.
“David Beckham plays soccer well.” Play is a verb.
Sometimes we use well as an adjective when we talk about our heath.
A: “How are you today?”
B: “I’m wellthanks.”
“My Uncle is not well, he has been in the hospital for the last 3 days with stomach pain.”
More examples of words that are both adjectives and adverbs:
Fast – “Tom is a fast runner.” Tom is a noun
Fast – “Tom runsquite fast.” Run is a verb
Hard – “Basketballis hard.” Basketball is a noun (the adj. hard = difficult)
Hard – “I want to improve my jump shot so I practice hard every day.” Practice is a verb (the adj. hard = really try)
Late – “Scottwas late for work this morning.” Scott is a noun
Late – “Scott woke up late this morning, his alarm didn’t go off.” Woke up is a phrasal verb (past tense)


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