English verbs PLUS preposition “to”

In English we use the preposition “to” with these verbs:
Talk to
“I talked to Steve last night, he will come to the party on Saturday.”
Explain (something) to (someone)
“This grammar is hard. Can you explain it to me?”
Listen to
“I like to listen to Jazz when I study.”

“I’m listening to the announcement.”
Write to
“I write to my grandma every week.” OR “I write a letter to my grandma every week.”
“Jim writes 25 emails to customers every day.”
*We don’t use “to” with these verbs:
“Can I ask you something?”  *Not ask to you
“Can I borrow your cell phone? I have to call my girlfriend.” *Not call to my girlfriend

Try and make your own examples with real situations from your life!

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