2013 – A year in review *REVIEW!


Reviewing your new language practice is very very important! Remember when you were a child? You were hearing and using 1st language every day, that’s how you learn. You learn it, and then you use it. You talk with people,

 you read books or magazines,

 listen to music,

 read directions, watch TV etc. 

This is review. Learning a 2nd language is not different. Try and talk with people, read a book or magazine, listen to music, read directions, watch TV in English.

What makes me an expert? My job is teaching English as a 2nd language, I have been teaching since the early 1990s (Martial arts) and I have been teaching English since 2006. I have lots of practical experience and I understand the challenges of studying English as a 2nd language. One of my greatest strengths is that I am not only a language teacher but I’m also a language student! I understand the challenges of studying a new language because I am also learning Japanese. I live in Tokyo so experiencing communication challenges happens every day! This unique combination of being a creative and focused teacher and also a language student have helped me take my teaching to the next level.

I have lots of personal experience but I would love your feedback as well! Listening to the needs of my students and finding new and creative ways to meet those needs has been my greatest tool. Please leave any questions or comments below 🙂 Have a great day and as always let’s enjoy learning English!

Social media can be another great tool for review!

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