Adjectives with "ed" and "ing"

Remember that:

_ED adjectives describe your feeling. 

I’m bored.

_ING adjectives describe the thing gives you that feeling.

My job is boring.

My job is boring — so I’m bored.

The movie was exciting — so I was excited.

My photo is embarrassing — so I felt embarrassed when my friend saw my high school yearbook.

More examples:

“When I saw her yearbook photo she was so embarrassed.” ~ her feeling

“Her hairstyle is embarrassing!” ~ the thing that gives her the feeling (her hairstyle)

“I’m bored, this party sucks.” ~ my feeling

“I’m going home, this party is boring. Where’s the Karaoke?” ~ the thing that gives me the feeling (the party)

“We were excited when my friend gave us tickets to Disney Sea!” ~ our feeling

“It will be exciting to ride the new roller coaster!”  ~ the thing that gives us the feeling (the new roller coaster)

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